tisdag 22 februari 2011

Awards, a whole little bunch of them

These have come my way from some very dear blogging friends of mine. Annelie, Bella (Judith), Pauline. If I have forgotten anyone I deeply appologize. Wasn't my meaning at all. I have just not had enough energy to take care of this. I truly and dearly appreciate each and every one of them.
All of those wonderful people can be find both at my sidebar and in the follower list. Then you should pass those forward and this is a terrible hard thing to do. I find so much inspiration from so many different people and blogs of all kind. I do this simple for me and pass them forward to the ones who feel that they have deserved an award or two. But some of the people who do inspire me a lot are of corse Annelie who makes the most amazing creations without stamps. Wish I could too. Bella who makes so many cards every week and they are all of high standard. Just wonderful work. Pauline the sweetest aussie around. It's a joy to see your creations and read what you write.

Other people and challenge blogs that gives me the inspiration is Lia the sweets one around, Kim Piggot who always takes the time to comment just as Claudia Rosa. Donna at Bearly Mine who believe in what I do, MiaMaria who gives me inspiration for the very few LO's I do every now and then and that you never get to see. There is also the sweet Nannieflash, and Doreen, Tiggerastic etc. I could go on forever! Then there is all the gals over at the Passion for Promarkers who always do their best to give comments to your creation, every single one of them. If it wasn't for that blog I would never have gone one with my card making. It's their "fault" with Denise in lead that I keept going with the promarkers and now have them all and then some more. So to all of you and all the other lovely people out there, a big thank you!

Then there is the 8 facts about me, some of the awards had three or five. With 8 I cover it all at once I hope, cause I am not sure I will put more of these up here. It's way too hard to chose just a few to award. :)

Facts about MI:
* Cat crazy but only have two at the moment. Had four at the most. Cats are also one of the reason why I started to make my cards. I give most of my cards to a local cat shelter so that they can sell them.
* I spend way too much time colouring my images.
* The best part about making cards is the colouring. Would be the happiest gal on earth if someone else put the cards together. :) OK, maybe not but I do prefere to colour to anything else.
* I got way too many pen pals all over the world. A huge passion of mine to write "snail letters" Nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the mail box
* Loves winter time! Yuukkki isn't it? Someone who actually loves the white mess.
* My two favourite countries in the world Scotland and Australia. Would love to go to both place (Scotland again)
* I truly hate flying! How do I get to Australia without an Aircraft?LoL
* Will never stop crafting as I believe my hands will be destroyed of rheumatism if I do. (Had this illness since I was three)

OK, this is a little about me. I don't think anyone have the energy to read all of this but, thanks once again to all of you who thought of me when it came to these awards.

Love n hugs,

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Bella´s Bastelecke sa...

Your most welcome.......Im so glad you are enjoying it............


sallysbitz sa...

Hello Marie,

I also have a an award waiting for you on my blog.
You well & truly deserve them all x

hugs sally x

maria sa...

Oj...vilken hög med awards. Och du är väl värd varenda en. Tack för att du tänker på mig. Va glad jag blir.
kram maria