Wednesday 28 October 2009


I have managed to finish of a card again. I made a card for my auntie last week and totally lost all card making energy but now I got some "mojo" back. I'm really tired, one of my boys are sick with high fever and won't eat of corse. The other one is as wild as ever. Today I manage to take some time and sat down in my basement room and created this card.

I managed to get it together so that I can enter to challenges this week. Just Magnolia and Passion for Promarkers  Feels good with the little time I've got now to make one card for two how to speak.

Well this is my card. A magnolia stamp of corse coloured with my promarkers. So much fun to colour with them, but I a not a fast "painter" that's for sure. Can't even remember how many times I've been giving the cat a new coat of colour, but here he is. Kind of reminds me of one of my british shorthaired cats that was a big part of my life for over 13 years. He is really missed, and so are the other three sweethearts we lost in the short period of one and a half year. Well, that's life. Back to my card.

During this week at Just Magnolia there is a sketch for you to follow and it looks like this. It was great fun to work with as Martines sketches always are. Thank you for all of them!

At Passion for Promarkers there's any colour theme, but there has to be an animal somewhere. And that I forfill with this little darling. You can read everything about the challenges following the links above.

Today my card goes red and blue with some cream colours to light it all up. Some waterfall glitter stickles on the flowers as well.
Here comes the card in full view. Tilda and her "little" cat. He or she is so sweet. It must be a british shorthaired one. It's too cute to be some other breed. :)

The last picture is of my painting. The cat is actually 3d but it doesn't show that much here, if at all. It's really dark here in Sweden nowdays and it's always too dark for photographing as it seems. You all have to bare with that. :)

Well, it's time for me to relax infront of the TV, may be I can bring some of my huge pile of christmas card pieces with me and do some work on them. I've already spent half of my day putting the dubble sided tape on most of the pieces I need. I have two knees, (yes me too) that are really painfull at the moment. If I could I would cut them both of. Sounds terrible I know, but it hurts, a lot! In my fingers and hands as well but hey that's my life. At least for now.

Take care every one!


Sunday 18 October 2009

Passion for Promarkers week no. 21

Time for my second entering at Passion for Promarkers. It was so much fun last week that I had to enter it again. I still can't believe that I made it top-five. Thanks again. :)

Right onto this week’s challenge, which has been chosen by Gina…. once again this week you can use any colours you like but we have a sketch for you to follow.

This time however it was a little harder for me. I chose to paint the jacket in pink which for me is a really hard colour to combine with the right papers. There are some many shades of this colour and thery are not my friends as it feels. :)

In the end I managed to get a card together and this is want I came up with. A card in pink, grey and greyish blue. Some glitterglue here and there, brown ink one every edge except the snowflakes.

Some embellishment that I made to work together with my snowflakes. It felt a little empty at first but this made it into something a little "more." The sentiment is the swedish words for "Merry X-mas". I made that one on the computer. Of some reason all my Christmas text stamps are really big, or maybe my cards are too small? Depends on how you look at it I guess. :) The little snowflake on the chain is from BunnyZoes. Lots of wonderful charms over there.

Here is a close up of my paint work. The stamp is once again from Sugarnellie and is called Winter Wonderland. They are so cute, all four of these new country cousins christmas stamps. I normally (mostly) use the Magnolia stamps but these ones are my favourite ones at the moment.

It has been a real autumn day here today, rain, run, wind all in a lovely mix. The colours on the leafes are wonderful. I wish that I could have taken a walk with my boys but my pain in the knee joĆ­nt made that one impossible, hopefully another day. May be a day when it's no rain at all? Me and my three year old son have made meat balls today. He loves to mix it all together and make sure there is enough ketchup in them, smash the egg and so on. It's a fun time together. I think I have to make a scrapbook page about our meat ball days when I get some time left over, and may be put in the reciep for him as well. May be he makes them when he grows up as well?

It's time for me to sign of for today. I have a bunch of letters to write and tomorrow I will go on a little trip with my mum and auntie. Will be sooo, sooo good to get away from home, even if it's only over the day.

Take care and have a great evening,

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Just Magnolia challange no. 26

The challenge at Just Magnolia this week is a sketch by Mina, a very lovely one. I will probably use it again, but...
This one was surprisingly hard for me. The sketch is great and I was really looking forward to work with it but of some reason my mind wanted something else. I finally got a card together and here is the result.

In the end I decided to go with Safari Edwin and his car. The papers are from MME, Wild asparagus. The one in the back ground looks a lot more pink than it really is. It's a nice one, promise. :)
The flowers are from Prima and Kaiser Craft. I added some halfpearls and a rose to them as well. The rose is from House of Inspiration. All in cream, and I added some brown ink to them as well. The rose got some gold stickles as well. Leafs are a grass punch from Woodware.

A little closeup on the lovely Edwin in his cute outfit.
This was all for today, but I am however kind of proud of myself. I'm blogging for the second day in a row. That also means two cards are done! :) Now time to cook some lunch and to start figure out how I will put together a card for a friend of my auntie. Not an easy one. I have a few weeks to do it, but it's best to get some kind of start on it.

Have a great day and take care!


Monday 12 October 2009

First time at PFP

Here I am again. Finally managed to make something that at least looks like a card. Thought that I should enter it in a challenge and this time I chose
Passion for promarkers I don't know if someone who only had her pens for a couple of weeks can have passion for the markers but I sure do have fun with them.

This weeks challenge is this
Onto this week's challenge, which has been chosen by Denise. This week you can use any colours (so great for those of you who are building up your collections) but there is a recipe to follow - 3 different shapes (not including your card base), 2 papers and 1 ribbon.
Our sponsor this week is Letraset and the lucky winner will receive a 5 pack of promarkers.

So here we go. Three shapes rectangle, square and circle, two papers from a local supermarket of all places, and a dotty white ribbon. I've added a little x-mas word to the left (sizzix santas workshop), half pearls, and a snowflake on the circle. All totally in my favourit colours white, blue and grey. Some glitter glue here and there. X-mas is after all a "glittery" kind of season. :)

Here is my stamp, called Snowflake from Sugernellie. Really cute, isn't she?

Well everyone (if someone is actually reading this), this is all from me for today. Time for some TV and a warm fire. I'm really cold today. It's really fall now, maybe even winter?

Take care and hugs,


Wednesday 7 October 2009

Just Magnolia challenge nr. 25

I was going to sit this challenge out but here I am anyway. Not my best paint job ever. I got some help from Tage, one of my cats. He loves the brushes. Can't keep away from them. Don't know how many times I have to take them away from him. He goes and get them from top shelf in my "crafty corner". It's kind of cute, so I keep letting him do it. It's in his personality. :)
Well then my card. The callenge is to make your own flowers, check the blog for more info. (My links won't work of some reason tonight, this have to do for today). I'm sorry for my crappy photos today. Dark and rainy today so I had to take them inside. Well, Tilda from animal and pet collection earlier this year. Tilda with kitten I think it's called. The chair is from the same collection.

My flowers are as required made by me. I've used a mini flower punch from woodware and the must have for everyone as it seems the retro flower punch from EK Success. The leafy things are also from a woodware punch. Some 3-d here as well and a little distressing with both the craft knife and some brown ink. In the corners I've used some card candy from craft cards. By the way, some bling stones from Anitas in the middle of the flowers. Some glam... ;)
A ribbon with a bow. What's wrong with me? :) I have used ribbons on lots of cards now and it surprises even me. The little pins I made myself once again, pearl white and pink this time. I also added a charm from BunnyZoes. Needed to fill the area below the bow a little. That sums it up. Think the papers are called Blueberry Hill by the way.
The boys have been home from daycare today. Philip is getting teeth again and wasn't in the best of moods before granny showed up that is. Then all sunshine, just like Willy that didn't want to go to daycare when he hear that granny should watch Philip for some hours when I was away attending a meeting at the employment office. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal again with kindergarten for both boys. I get to relax or enter another card making challege. Until then, take care and have a good day.