lördag 4 maj 2013

An oldie but a goodie?

Hello and happy Saturday to you! Hope you have a sunshiny day where ever you are. Have spent my day so far working out at the gym and then replanted all of my geraniums that I was seeding about a month ago. They have grown fine at least the fresh seeds, and then there was a ton, well about 30 cuttings that needed to be replanted. I am a bit late with my flowers, but it was so cold earlier. I am probably going to have a blooming fall this year, hope it stays warm. LoL

I have a few old cards and then I mean old. The one I was going to show now is from last summer. But it fits my mood today. Doing the replanting made me think about my granny and granddad so it was a few relaxing hours spent with the flowers. We had my grannys funeral two days ago, and it was nice to have that done. It even felt good sitting in the chapel listening to the priest. It was a nice moment actually and it feels good to know that she has come to rest. She was on her 99th year, so she deserves her rest.

The priest even gave her a new hobby. Suddenly she was a master "knitter", "crocheter" and "embroiderer".  Let me tell you that I have never seen my granny with a ball of yarn, so I looked like a question mark just like the rest of my cousins and brothers wondering what we have missed. She did sew from time to time as I still have doll's clothing and sheets she made for my dolls, but the rest, she only did when she was young. Her hobby was playing cards, on the lotto and the soccer leauge. Not knitting! I was about to burst out in laught when he told that but manage to keep calm in time.

Ok, I have my old card to show as well. It's made with a few stamps bought from Joanna Sheen as is very simple and calm. That's why I choose to show it today. It's coloured with my distress inks. And I have just used some ribbon for decoration here. It was to my dad on his birthday last year and I never got around to show it here for some reason. Also water to me is very relaxing and pieceful.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend and relax enjoy life and get some sun! :)

Love n hugs

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Nannieflash sa...

Hi Sweetheart, so nan was a secret knitter, well she might have been once upon a time when her children were little. Im glad the funeral went well and was peaceful to, Im sure you wont forget her influence and her love.
A beautiful card for your mood, it must look like some of the scenery in Sweden, I could do with a bit of peace like that myself. hugs Shirleyxxxx