lördag 19 oktober 2013

An Edwin card

Hi you all! Hope you're having a great weekend and are enjoying your time (hopefully) off from work and duties. I'm not having a very good day today for different reasons. But there is a good thing about it still. All the things that needed to be taken indoors for the winter is done and that feels great as the rain is coming tonight. I don't think it would have dried until spring if it had been kept outdoors one more day. LoL Better late than never. But they say that it will be 15 degrees on Wednesday again. We might had needed the furniture. LoL

This card is made for my youngest nephew and was given to him on his "name ceremony". Well it was not from me and my family. My auntie ordered it, and of course there was very little time as usual. At that time I was quite short of inspiration as well. The only thing working was the colouring and that has really been put to the test since then. LoL Now it's going better with the markers again and that's a relief. Some my dear old Letraset family has been at work again.

The card is all made with Magolia papers and image. It's a very sweet looking Edwin that I really love. He looks adorable. I also love the "weather paper" with both sun and stars and the clouds. Looks lovely too me. It might look strange with a green bow in the middle of all the blue and nothing else in that colour but I read some where that green is for luck and that everyone need. Besides I really wanted to make a blue card for him and that one of the bows clashes a bit, I don't care. LoL It's there because it symbolize something good. LoL

I have also decorated the inside with a castle image and sign image also from Magnolia. A bigz die from T.H. is used as a fence. The white square was filled with a greeting and I just removed it quickly as it was personal. Oh well, probably not my best work but better than nothing. Now it's time to lay down on my styrofoam roll to give my back some training and to make it more straight and hopefully less painful. The very hot bath didn't do the trick for me today. Maybe beacuse I feel a bit down today and a bit anxious too .

Love n hugs

3 kommentarer:

Lena sa...


Jättesött kort!!
Gillar de detaljer du berättar om som gör kortet personligt!! Grönt för lycka hade jag ingen aning om..

Hoppas din vecka blir bra, trots det trista vädret som just nu hänger över oss i Kalmar!

Kram Lena

coops sa...

so gorgeous marie.really stunning images and design and i love your colours :D

xx coops xx

Tracey sa...

You would never know this was a quick card Marie, it is gorgeous!
Sorry you've been feeling a bit down & anxious, I hope you're feeling better now?
PS. Miss you too sweetie xx