söndag 15 juni 2014

Not feeling to good

Hi! Just letting you know that I am not feeling too good at the moment and therefor it's not happening much around here.

It seems like I have taken a new dive into a depression started from my panic attacks that I get during the summer. I am having a really hard time getting things done and keep focus. How good is that when you have to take your classes all summer? Oh well, in two weeks I will see my new therapist about this. Should have been there this week but had to take my youngest to the doctor to see what's causing him trouble. One day when I  feel up to it i will try to explain what's going on with me, but at the moment that's too heavy for me...

I hope that things will turn around soon and that I will start to feel better and feel the joy of everything again soon. I don't want to wait to fall, when I normally start feeling way much better. Yes, I know it's wired but that's how it is. I hate summer, ok, not hate summer. I hate the weather during the summer and how it make me feel really unsafe. Give me snow and ice any day and I'll be a happy person again. And do you know what? The weather forecast predict snow tomorrow in the northern parts of Sweden.

And just to leave you with something litte I show another card that has been unblogged for quite some time now.  It's an really old card and it's made for one of my cousins sons who happen to have his birthday in October, that's why it's lots of scary parts on the card, and do you know what? It's how I feel at the moment, scared...

Love n hugs

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Karen Petitt sa...

So sorry I have been MIA for a while Marie! The usual stuff got to be too much and it has taken a while for things to calm down. You have my email if you need to talk/dump your load - hoping the skies are brighter for you soon Karen xx

Ella's Design sa...

Oh, Marie! So sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it, especally when the rest of us are glad to see the sunshine and warmer weather! This is one thing that we do not have in common! I yearn for the longer days of Spring and Summer and want to hibernate come the Winter months! I really hope that things start to lighten for you soon and that you and your family's health improves! Sending hugs across the miles, Lisa x

Annelie sa...

Så jobbigt vännen, väldigt tråkigt att höra :-(
Hoppas verkligen att du får må mycket bättre jättesnart, du vet var jag finns om du vill skriva av dig lite!
Depressioner är riktiga fulingar & har du dessutom panikångest att slåss med så förstår jag att du är orolig & rädd.
Kortet var annars väldigt tufft & snyggt mitt i allt det otäcka.
Många & stora kramar!

Colette sa...

Sorry to hear that things aren't so good for you at the moment Marie, but keep your chin up sweetie, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully you will find yours soon. Hugs, Colette xx

Nannieflash sa...

Hi Marie, Hi Love, sorry to hear you are having so much trouble not only with your fibro but also having depression, and what with your son having problems with Asthma Im sure you must thing the world is falling in.
I do love your gorgeous card its just stunning. I watched a program the other day on the coastline of Sweden, its just so beautiful and you are such a lucky lady, hopefully with the children home for the holiday it might be an idea to go the coast and take a break as it looks so relaxing. hugs Shirleyxx