måndag 18 augusti 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

Good afternoon everyone! 

This is something different from me today. A few weeks my dear friend Shirley over at Nannieflash asked me to take part in this blog hop. I turned her down as I am no fan these things. It's kind of a chain letter for me, without the bad parts. Anyway, I read Shirley's super sweet post about this blog hop and decided that I would do it anyway. I have not asked anyone to take it on and bring it forward. I am doing it just because I think Shirley deserves it. I would love it if someone takes it on and post something next Monday about this... I've known Shirley for many years now. We have been on a few teams together and now run the Paper Shelter challenges together. We have been at that for quite some time now and it's still fun. Besides Shirleys lovely looking cards and that she never forgets a birthday, she is a great person to "talk" to. We have never met IRL but I still feel that we're friends and talks about most things. Both bad and good. It's great to have a friend like that. 

What am I working on?

Being in school takes up a lot of my time at the moment, so always chasing my tail with my design team creations. So that is what I am working on dt creations for PFP, The Paper Shelter and The Aud Sentiment challenges.  I wonder were all the time I used to have has gone? Maybe it get's easier now when the kids are back in school. Starting tomorrow. At least a few hours will be alone time for me here at home. 

But at the moment my favourite project is for a little girl called "Svala". Just like me she has juvenile rheumatism (yes I know, I am over 40 but it's still called that). She misses a lot of school time due to pain and to get her mind off the pain she has started a project where she will sell tea and wrist warmers. All the money she raise will go to a project called "Min stora dag" (My big day). Really sick kids get to met a favourite artist of theirs, go somewhere with their family that they couldn't do without help etc. A day to create a great memory. So I spend some time crocheting a few sets of those wrist warmers at the moment. I was three when I got sick and I really feel for this girl. It bring up memories even if her illness is way worse than mine was in that age. 

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Well, I don't think it does. LoL I love the colouring part and if I would have had someone to put the cards together for me I would love it. I am not that amused of all the cutting and gluing part of the card making at the moment. I know, it sounds negative, but it's true. I am trying to print my digi images so that I can used them for more CAS cards at the moment. Anyway, most of the time I try to find a kind of... clean look to my cards. Then I see someones lovely card that it filled with details and then I want to make some thing like that... So I jump from different styles of card making all the time. Maybe that's what differ from others?

Why do I write/create what I do?

For the pure love of colouring and writing! Since I learned how to write I have always had at least one penpal. I know, old fashion isn't it? But the truth is that I am still writing letters by hand and to many different friends in different countries. I have very little time at the moment so I takes time for me to reply, but I do it. I started my blog because I needed somewhere to place my cards to enter challenges. My first love was and still is Passion for Promarkers. And when I started this adventure I sat the goal to one day be on the team. And I am so happy that I have been a part of that lovely team for a little more than a year now. I do take inspiration from other designers, who doesn't? Then I try to make my own twist to it, not easy but sometimes something reallty good comes out of that creative mess. And that's what's make me go forward, the challenges that I set for myself and my crafting. When I started this card making adventure it was for the pure fun of it. Now being on three times it's sometimes a "must", but at the same time does the teams give me the excuse I need to make my cards. It is relaxing to spent time around markers and paper and do something for yourself, and then afterwards it can make someone else happy! I love that!

Now as I said in the beginning. I have not asked anyone to bring this forward, but I do have a whole bunch of crafters that I love and that inspire me. Of course Shirley is one of them. And note I can only bring forward a few here. I love Heather's creation and I have since I started this blog. So good with her card designs and colouring. Coops wonderful detailed creations, Lisa's for their lovely clean look, Nikki for her lovely clean looking cards too, Lotta for her amazing colouring and eye for details, Annelie for the best vintage look out there, Colette for such smashing colouring and fantastic projects, Gail for lovely designs and colouring,  Lena for some brilliant designs and fun details... The list could go on forever. I am naming these just because they are poping up first, but there is tons of others that I would die to get in their heads and get a glimps on what is going on there when they create and how they get such brilliant results. LoL

Well this is it. I did something that I really didn't want to do, from the beginning that is. Ended up with a really long post and has probably bored you to death or at least coma. Something that felt impossible has been done and I had fun doing it. I have learned something from all this and that is that there is many creative crafters out there and they all deserves your attention. We do our creations out of love for crafting, but also because it's such a joy to send or give away something that you have done all by your self and put your heart into it. Keep the inspiration going!

Love n hugs

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