lördag 26 november 2016

A little more of that Christmassy thing

Morning and hello! Long time no seen. I have been totally knocked out of a cold that refuses to give in and I am so tired all the time. It might have something to do with my broken tooth on top of that. But now is it only two more days before I get it fixed. Yiippiii! Well I don't like going to the dentist, but I am tired of the pain the tooth gives me. Anyway, it's not why I am here. My boys are at my brother's place and celebrate his oldest's birthday but I really couldn't go both cold and headache from the tooth so I have been home a long for a few hours. The plan was to go to bed and do some crocheting on my second blanket but I ended up in the craft room instead. It's nice too. So now is my hands covered in gesso, chalk mist, glimmer mist, glitter glue and some other kind of spray mist and while that is drying my plan is to start up a new project for the CC that goes on over at Pyssloteket. A FB-group where there is a few challenges going on until next sunday.

This card is made for the extra challenge that was only up for today. A card with 10 musts on it.
Glitter of some kind stickles or lose glitter, Stamp either motive or sentiment, stars, brads, circle, handwritten (I dug out my walnut ink for the first time in ages and used my calligraphy pen on my ready and done image, foolish or brave? LoL), gold, turquoise, patterned paper and stencil (I don't even own a stencil so I made my own, worked better than I thought)✌.

Everything is on the card. First time ever with a stencil and I used gesso in my second try with that, worked alot better than glitter glue that I wanted from the beginning. Instead did I pour golden glitter into the wet gesso and it turned out pretty nice. I have used brown cardstock so that the golden accent wouldn't look totally wrong with the all the turquoise on my dp's.

Ok, this is all for today, I think. I start to get tired now and my head is spinning. But first some chatting with my new yarn supplier. Ordered some fabby yarn in an FB-group that I joined a while ago. The world is small when you find out that it really is the mum of PH's fiends from kindergarten. They have lost contact now as they are in different schools, but we live 10 minutes apart. Red altert going out now as it might be a bit too expensive to keep shopping for all of this fabby multicoloured yarn from Germany there. 😉

Love n hugs

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