fredag 16 december 2016

For someone special / Happy New Year

Morning and hello! This is the last challenge from the Winter Wonderland for the year. And the theme is set to "Someone special or happy new year". I made a final Christmas card just because I love making them. My all time favourite cardmaking theme.

However due to an ill cat I had no time to do any colouring this time and used one of the fantastic toppers from Maja design. The dp's are as well from Maja design. It has been a little hard focusing on the card making the last few weeks as we have not been sure if the cat would make it our not. But as it seems now it's his teeth that causes him his trouble and not the failing kidneys. 

So with a bit of luck will be able to stay around for a little longer. Had him to the vet yesterday for surgery, but she decided to hold back on that. So instead of a drunk cat I got home a cat that had been on a spa retreat eating like crazy and lots of cuddles from the vet assistants.:) We'er going back next time to see if we need the surgery and if it's possible to do it then. The infection  could spread to the kidneys if we're unlucky so, that will only be done if we really need too. Keep your paws crossed!

The card is fairly simple and just tons of layer to keep some interest going in the card. Some wood weeders stars from Studio Calico, enamel dots make with the little ranger bottle. Metalic snowflakes from PY hobby and the rose lace from Wild orchid crafts I think. I did use some ice stickle on it and I love how that turened out. 

I have added some letter stickers to the card after I took the photo but the photos turned out even more dull than this so, this is what you get to see. The card is for my cousin and his girl friend and her mum. They have the most smashing cat hotel. I kind of wish I was a cat and could stay there for a week or two. 

Well, thers is some time before my kids come back home from friends so I think I am going to wrap a few of the gifts that I have hidden around the house before they find them. 

A merry Christmas to you all!

Love n hugs

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