onsdag 8 januari 2014

New challenge over at the Paper Shelter

Good evening everyone! This was supposed to be a post about my latest card for the Paper Shelter. Instead I have spend the half of the day looking after sick kid number two. Headaches and fever and all that comes with that.

He seems to become calmer and might even go to sleep soon. I hope so, he doesn't deal very well with fever. Can someone tell me why this always happen when I am home alone with the kids? Every single time. Mats is out having fun at an ice hockey game in Växjö while I am stuck with this.

One good thing however, I don't have to call in to school tomorrow because of a sick kid. The internet died on us again. It seems to be crashing as soon as more than 15 people uses it. At least I can now do some studying at home hopefully.

What a great start of the New Year! Not! I am feeling a bit angry with it all and so tired of it all as well. 8 days into 2014 and both kids has already been sick or is...sigh...

Well my dear friends. I guess you have to wait a little longer for my my card, I will try to finish the last part of now, so I better get going.

The theme of the week by the way: Winter birthdays with a sentiment and use cold colours like blue, cold grey, lilacs etc. And don't forget that sentiment on the front. If you play with a TPS product you can win a gift voucher worth $30, playing with another brand gives you the chance of getting 3 new digis to your collection. There is so really lovely new ones. I especially love the Racing car image. It's so cute!

Hope to see you soon

Love n hugs

4 kommentarer:

Lena sa...

Näe din stackare vilken start du haft på detta år!? Det låter verkligen inge vidare och jag kan inte annat än hoppas att ni piggar på er!! Attans otur..
Jag håller tummarna för er ;-)

När ditt kort än kommer ser jag fram emot det..

Styrkekram från mig!!!

Ella's Design sa...

Oh, Marie, I do hope that 2014 starts to improve for you soon! Unfortunately, it always seems that if one gets it, the other soon follows! I am like a woman possessed when there is sickness in the house, going round with my hand sanitiser and disinfectant! Hope your boys are better soon, so you can get some rest too! Hugs, Lisa x

Annelie sa...

Men då vännen, nu får det väl ändå snart vara bra med sjukdomar i erat hörn av världen!
Hållar tummarna för snabbt tillfrisknande & att ni alla sen får må bra riktigt länge.
Har kikat runt lite på alla dina fina kort, babykortet är ljuvligt!
Kramar Annelie

Gail sa...

Oh my...I hope your boys feel better soon and YOU and hubby don't catch it! I am so sorry your household isn't feeling 100%! Get your rest so you don't catch ill, and try and enjoy some quiet study time for yourself! Hugs, Gail