onsdag 1 januari 2014

Happy New Year!

I am just dropping by quickly to wish you all a wonderful new year of 2014. It kind of feels like I have dropped out of the blogging world the last weeks. And well, the fact is I have. LoL

I have spent most of the Holidays sick and still hasn't become well. So very little energy and lots of  cough. And tomorrow we need to take the youngerst to the doctor to get some meds as he has been sick even longer than I have.

I do hope things get back to normal soon as I am so tired of this and I hope to be back with a new creation to show you all soon.

Love n hugs

2 kommentarer:

Ella's Design sa...

Hey, Marie! Hoping you and your little man feel better soon! There's nothing worse than being ill over the holidays! Sending hugs, Lisa x

Heather sa...

I won't say Happy New Year Marie - but I will wish you all the best of 2014 and hope you and son soon feel better and stay better!!!

love & hugs to you
Heather xxx