söndag 7 september 2014


Good night everyone! Well, it's around Midnight when I write this post and it will probably be filled with spelling misstakes and other strange typing errors. Well, so that's no difference from my normal posts. LoL

Today am I bringing you some good news if you're looking to join the best design team out there. ;) Over at the Paper Shelter am I running a design team call. We are looking for a few new designers to join our happy and easy going team. We have two parts; the A and the B-team. Clever, right? But we funktion as one and help eachother when needed. So if you feel up to it, take a look over at the Paper Shelter Challenge blog and read the longest DT-call text out there. Maybe you feel that it's YOU we're looking for. Take the chance and apply to our lovely team.

Love n hugs


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