måndag 2 november 2009

Just Magnolia challange week no 29

Hi again!
A short entry this time. It's a monochrome theme this week at Just Magnolia. Not a very easy one. I started of making a green santa card. But that guy made me sick, so for the first time ever a card went into the fire. Maybe I should have used it as Halloween card and scared the kids ringing on our door during the weekend? ;)

So I remade the card and ended up with a blue santa instead. Much better as he doesn't look too sick. I have for the first time painted with the distress inks (refills) from TH. A bit of adventure for me, but it looks OK for a first timer I think. All of the Santa is actually painted in blue, even his face but it doesn't show to well on the card. I was going for all blue but it became so "heavy looking" that I had to break it of with a tiny, tiny bit of white. A few pearls and some white dots on the Magnolia paper I used in the back ground. There is also a few chrystal stars in the corners of the santa panel. Thanks for looking! It was fun to make the card even if I didn't get my first vision to look like I wanted it too.

My card...

My paint work...

All the best to each and everyone,

2 kommentarer:

Andrea sa...

A beautiful card.

~Denise Lynn~ sa...

Beautiful holiday card, love the blues. Thanks for joining us this week at Just Magnolia! :)