söndag 8 september 2013

I am really pissed off!

A warning to you all this lovely Sunday afternoon. 
Well at least it was until I found out about this...

I keep this to a minimum: There is a person/company who "hijacks" photos of your work and blog posts or parts of them or the whole lot of your blog posts. The photos will be croped not to show your blog adress on top of that. (Also giving them really bad translations / changing words in the post to make it new.)

This is the link you have to be aware of.


Keep your eyes open! And please spread the word so that all hard working crafters get to know. We put a lot of work into our projects and we do not deserve things like this.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention !

Love n hugs

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Karen Petitt sa...

Hi Marie, ooh no - that is not fair. I've had a look and I think it's not a real person. I think they've picked a random name and a picture of a model.
They appear to use ribbons on all their posts from this company:

I think it's worth emailing the company and letting them know that the blog of this person is using their ribbons but stealing peoples photographs which is a breach of copyright.
It's blooming disgusting and you can do without the stress. Let me know if you need any help emailing them with an official complaint.

Huge hugs xx

Heather sa...

This is just despicable - it is just blatant plagiarism!!!
I've been along and made a nasty comment. They are members of g+ (joseph luck) it might be worth reporting him/her to Google !!!
As Karen (above) it is certainly letting the http://www.yamaribbon.com/ are is being miss-used.
I do use a watermark on my cards - I think they will be much bigger from now on.
Let me know how you go on!!!
Big hugs my love
Heater xxxxxxxx