söndag 15 september 2013

The new Paper Shelter team

Hello everyone! 
I hope you have a great end to the weekend and that life treats you well. I just thought I drop by and tell who the chosen ones are for the new semester over at the Paper Shelter. I have kept really busy with the dt-call the last two weeks and there has been very little crafting going on here. But soon it will be better and I hope to get back on track. I just don't have as much time as I used to with all rehab taking up more of my time. It might sound strange but I have heard that there is more to life than crafting and blogging. Can you belive that?LoL

The new Paper Shelter team as they look from October 2nd. Please welcome them all!

Shirleys A-team

And the new team members are
Eileen (Switching from Maries B-team)
Anna, entry #88

Maries B-team

And the new team members are
Rosemary, entry #9
Lorraine, entry #10
Gail, entry #68
Lena, entry #76
Pat, entry #85
Eva, entry #98

Love n hugs

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